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Can Be Fit Anywhere
Ideal For Thick And Heavy Materials
Control Box For Automatic Models

Extra Heavy Duty Automatic End Cutter with Square Electric Rail


(1)Extra heavy du ty automatic end cutter, can be cut up to 50mm thickness.
(2)Precision cutting for beddings, carpets, most kinds of fabric & upholstery.
(3)Can be used on cutting table & easy installation for most kind of textile machinery.
(4)Tracks up to 3 meters.
(5)Laser projector can be used to help cutting smoother.
(6)This model uses MB-110 round knife cutting machine.

Cutting Capacity 50mm
Rail Length 140~300 CM
Application Carpet, Quilting, Beddings, EVA, PVC, Mattress…

*In ordering please specify Voltages



Double insulated motor
Control Box
Pneumatic Lifting Device

Automatic End Cutter – Air Lighter

DC-950 Series

(1)Microcomputer controlled for precise operations
(2)Ply counter-alarm when number of play reached
(3)Cutting motor mount on top side-able to cut various thick or thin materials
(4)High quality track and lifting mounts
(5)LED display for clear readability
(6)Track length available 84”~150”
(7)Maximum cutting thickness: 20

Model type
DC-950FA:Automatic Cutting Device with Pneumatic Lifting
DC-950SA:Semi-auto Cutting Device with Hand Lifting
DC-950FA/E:Automatic Cutting Device with Pneumatic Lifting + DC-3
DC-950SA/E:Semi-auto Cutting Device with Hand Lifting + DC-3
DC-3 End Cloth Press (Optional)